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Pindos is the most important mountainchain of Greece sincemost of the mountainous regions of Greece are situated there. It is a continuation of the Albanian mountainchains and Southern extension ofthe Alps. Its virgin, wild beauty and the rich variation of landscape surprise and impress the visitor.

Sheer alpine tops and quietvalleys, dense shadowy woods, rockymoonscapeareas, lakessituated 1900 metres above the sea level andrapid rivers,canyons andimposingravinescompose a natural landscape of unique diversity of form and impressive beauty.

The wider region of Pindos hostes some of the still undisturbedecosystems of unique bio-diversity in Europe. Here, one will meetrare and under extinctionspecies of floraand fauna as well as interestinggeological phenomena; Vikos canyon being one of the top.

Humanpresence is absolutely harmonized with the natural environment. In thepicturesque, small andremote villagespeople arewarm, friendlyand the new and old houses built of stone are built with great artistry and respect to the traditional architecture by the local builders.

The ruins of the ancient settlements, forts and fortificationsfrom the Era of Copper are integral elements of the history of the region and they have special archeological interest.

The numerousByzantine andPost-Byzantinemonasterieswith wonderful hagiographies, icons, and fretworked icon screens, as well as stonearchedbridges, inns, and narrowcobbled roadsfrom the years of the Tourkish domination…

The remotelittle villages ofPindos perched on rough mountains, were respected even by the Turks who offered them privileges since any other effort to control them would be impossible.

These privileges gave impetus to trade with Moldovlahia and Central Europe during the 17th, 18th and 19th century and brought wealth and new ideas to the area.

The wider area has been, for many years now,an attraction pole for the nature lovers, tourists but also for those who seek adventure through physical exercise in nature, far away from the mass tourism.

All the activities of the Alpine Zone take place at the tablelandof Ioannina, the National Park ofVikos – Aoos, the massif ofTymfi, Zagori villages, the National Park ofValia Kalda,Vasilitsa, the massif ofSmolikas, theAthamanika Mt.

Come to meet the enchanting region of Epirusthrough the programs of recreation of the Alpine Zone. We are sure that you will live a unique experience.

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