Yummy Pedals , Mykonos


Engage with a fascinating mixture of experiences while exploring Mykonos island on a bike! Take the time to inhale the freedom offered by a cycling adventure and capture each moment with all your senses sharpened.

What a combination!

Sunkissed routes through the rural countryside of the island.

A glimpse over Mykonos’ hidden gems and pristine beaches.

An insight into Mykonian religious, culinary and rural tradition.

The sun’s dazzling light mirrored over the azure waters of the Aegean sea.

Stress-free, leisurely and fun family tours as well as awe-inspiring, scenic rides on steep slopes.

The best solution for cruise passengers with limited time but great desire to explore.

And, as an extra treat, a quaint vineyard following bio-dynamic cultivation and offering unparalleled relaxation moments.

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