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Trekking Andros

The hidden treasure in the Cyclades

A "different" Cycladic Island

Andros is the greenest and the most diverse island of Cyclades, blessed with the most unique natural characteristics: Verdant vegetation and flowing waters, mountain ranges which create numerous fertile valleys, steep ravines and deep gorges. With a significant, century-long history, with monuments, antiquities and ruins scattered all over the island, bearing witness to its long cultural heritage. Landscapes of particular variety, Cycladic minimalism, medieval charm, and neoclassical architecture. Relaxed, friendly and informal....ultimate in its diversity, this is Andros!....

Scubandros Greece

Where will your next Diving vacations take you? There is an underwater world of adventure waiting for you out there. Your next trip might guide you to you to your next favourite diving site, the best shipwreck or an unforgettablereef. Among all Mediterranean diving destinations, there’s nowhere so exciting like Greece or the Greek islands.

There is an enormous amount of shipwrecks to explore, incredible sea life, large underwater caves and diverse and beautiful coastline. Greece is excellent for diving. Here you can find one of the best destinations for exploration.....