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Local Product

Tsantiris Wines

Tsantiris winery is located in the northwestern part of Ikaria island, in the village of Ano Proespera, overlooking the Aegean Sea......

Tsantiris winery cultivate the local grape varieties of Ikaria, that is Begleri, Fokiano and Mandilaria.

With modern winemaking methods because of modern machinery, Tsantiris winery produces a product worthy of its historcan name.

It is always our pleasure to meet you, all friends of Ikarian wines and ofcourse friends of Ikaria island!


Ikaria Surf School

Our Philosophy

Wild, natural and beautiful, IKARIA and SURF have many things in common. They share the eternal teen spirit of a culture that doesn’t get old and they both carry the promise of a magical world that will permit you to discover something new about yourself.

A lifetime experience

The School respects and functions under the philosophy of sustainability and of an alternative touristic approach . We focus on empowering the training of our guest-student, in order to get the most of a lifetime’s experience. Fun, affordable and safe learning, is, and always will be, a high priority for our certified surfing professors and collaborator