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Elimnion Resort , Chronia , Euboea

There is a magical place on the side of the Euboean Gulf, amongst aromatic plants, citrus trees, vineyards.
Just a few minutes from the sea, Elimnion Resort, newly built and luxurious, consists of ten (10) suites of high aesthetics and complete privacy.
The suites are characterized by simplicity and timeless lines along with earthy tones offering sea views and the vast natural landscape.

The Astreon restaurant, designed in the context of minimal elegance, welcomes you with a series of suggestions of imaginative Mediterranean cuisine.

Enjoy high gastronomy with unrivaled sea views which makes every meal into experience. After dinner or before that you may choose an aperitif or a digestive drink at the hotel bar. Leave yourself to the beauty that surrounds you.

A reference point for the hospitality of the city of Limni, Elimnion Resort welcomes you and remains at your disposal.

Celebrate every precious moment of your life with the people you love. Weddings, christening, an anniversary or any other social event will stand out and will remain unique in your soul and heart, in the specially designed areas of Elimnion.
Enjoy the hammam and indulge in the unique experience of the hydromassage and sauna. The place, the colors, the lighting, everything has been chosen with care and attention, with the unique aim that our guests will leave behind the stress and fatigue of the everyday life.


Elimnion Resort    Chronia - Evia


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