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“Feel local” means experiencing something which for us, the locals, is not a tourist luxury but our everyday lifestyle. Cruising on our ketch is one of the best ways to spend quality time with our family and friends, eat together and to have fun.

Go off the beaten track, explore the otherwise inaccessible beauties of Paros and the vicinity, try our traditional food and our way of life. Discover the liberating experience of feeling one of us – one of the locals.


Our full day cruise itineraries will satisfy even the most demanding traveler who would like to see sights of our island and secluded beaches accessible only from the sea. Our lunch or dinner table will delight every gourmet who appreciates home cooking with pure and organic ingredients.

  • The full day Private cruises are for you and your company only!
  • The Semi-Private cruises you share the boat with other guests, up to 17 people (minimum no. of participants: 6)
  • Sunset private dinner cruise.

About Us

“Michael Zeppos” constitutes a family “affair”. It has always belonged to the family either as a fishing boat or as a cruiser for visitors to the island. It was renovated in 2010 in order to be used as a recreational boat for our family and friends.

Ever since then, Captain Dimitris –an excellent cook as well- maintains it and looks after it all year round with a special love and care inherited from his father, Captain Michalis.

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