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Santorini Yachting Club , Santorini

There is no better way to start your vacation in Santorini rather than sailing around the island and enjoying the views of the volcanic rocky cliffs, the famous Caldera, with the perched traditional white houses on top and the backdrop of the blue horizon of the Aegean Sea.

Santorini Yachting Club is the only marine expert company that offers daily trips with an exquisite fleet of the newest catamarans and yachts of the island.

Our guests unwind in elegant settings, providing all the modern amenities afloat, in our vessels, with comfortable and luxury styled fleet while ensuring all the safety and security measurements are in place.

Savor in the unparalleled beauties of the island, our experienced captains will sail with you in the most unique spots, we can customise your sea routes according to your wishes.

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