Forestis , Drama

The philosophy of our company is to make our fellow-guests to spend quite kala.Sevomenoi time and money you have to experience the beauty and rich natural environment that we have the pleasure and honor to serve for many years.

We love what we do and try to do well because of our long experience in the mountains and love created by the elements (animate-inanimate and intangible).

… so our benevolent fate “magnetized” and our “captured” here on the rivers edge in a beautiful place where we set up with great care base-base and cafe Infirmary Forestis.

Our facilities are located in Paranesti Dramas beside the River Nestos in a magnificent location. The space serves as a playground adult one and archery, a climbing tower, overhead crossing the river (flying fox), the Kayak Shack with mountain bikes (mountain bikes), is not a privilege only of our little other friends and great children . Besides all hide a child within us.

Collectors experiences – Production and management of emotions.

The collection of the experiences made through the activities and excursions we make according to your own wishes and possibilities. We recommend! You choose! Browse the site and get ready for action!




Off Road 4X4

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