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Artemis Karamolegos Winery produces 11 different wines in order to highlight the complexity and express the true character of this unique terroir

The Terra Nera series is an excellent introduction to Santorini wines and is based on the two most popular varieties on the island (Assyrtiko, Mandilaria). Terra Nera White is the fruitiest and simplest version of Assyrtiko as it comes from young vines grown at a low-altitude, vinified in order to produce a more “every day” wine, with less ageing potential and complexity than the other white wines produced at the Winery. The Terra Nera series is complemented by the similarly easy drinking and food friendly Terra Nera Red and Terra Nera Rosé.

The Classic series features three labels.

Santorini is a blend of the three main white varieties of the island (Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidini) and the first PDO Santorini wine in terms of annual bottle production for our Winery. It is a classic Santorini blend, through a modern, typical and multidimensional expression.

Nykteri, the traditional ripe and barrel aged Santorini, is the second label produced by the Winery influenced by Santorini’s wine-making tradition. We left apart the traditional oxidative character, maintaining the aging in large barrels for long time, the careful and rigorous selection of the grapes and the overripe character of the harvest. Our Nykteri is based on Assyrtiko from selected vineyards and we produce a limited number of bottles. It is being released in the market a year and a half after harvest

The last wine of Classic series is Vinsanto, the traditional natural sweet sun dried wine. Vinsanto has a unique history, consisting the living version of the island’s wine heritage and the ultimate expression of its complexity. We follow the traditional method to sun-dry the grapes, combining with a modern point of view during vinification and ageing. The wine is based on Assyrtiko, with a small amount of Aidani and is being released in the market about eight years after harvest in a limited number of bottles.

The winery also produces three single variety labels under the Fine Selection series. With this series we aim to reveal rare varieties such as Aidani and Mavrotragano and express the typical and pure character of Assyrtiko.

Aidani is Santorini’s most aromatic variety. We vinify it separately in order to express another dimension of the island’s character.

Mavrotragano, a rare native red variety which was rescued from extinction, is part of our vineyard replanting program. We still explore the variety’s potential and character through a limited annual production. Mavrotragano expresses the Santorini’s red dimension.

Assyrtiko is produced from selected plots of very old vines mainly grown in altitude. It is the characteristic salty, mineral and complex expression of Santorini’s soul. The strictly selected grapes and our minimalistic winemaking approach gives a wine of great depth, richness and ageing potential.

Pyritis, the Winery’s premium label, is the first wine in the Special Cuvées series. It comes from three vineyards of centenarian Assyrtiko vines. It is being vinified under minimal intervention and it matures on total lees for 10 months. It is being bottled almost a year after the harvest and its 6,000 bottles are being released after 5 months’ additional cellaring. It purely and stoically expresses the mineral dimension of Santorini and the unique mature character and balance that Assyrtiko acquires during ageing.

Finally, Mystirio series consists the natural wine series of the Winery in a range of experimentation and in an axe of limits and “potential” explore. Mystirio/14 is the first orange wine of Santorini! An excellent single vineyard Assyrtiko, skin fermented for 14 days, without any addition during vinification and ageing.

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