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A Serbian brewer, Boban Krunic, a multi-talented American, Majda Anderson, a Greek oenologist – winemaker, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos & an Englishman, wine aficionado & brewer/owner of the Rocky Head Brewery in London, Steve Daniel, compose since 2011, the multicultural company-mix of the newly established Small-Brewery of Santorini, hoping to add something new and different to the admirably boring – until then – Greek beer scene of colorless and odorless lagers …

Deceptively simple, the brewing operation begins, in this case, with equipment imported from Austria and housed in Mesa Gonia. Malted barley is milled and then submitted to a technique called mashing, which yields the liquid wort that is boiled with aromatic hops gathered from all over the world.  The residual spent grain benefits local vineyards as nutritious compost.


Primary fermentation begins with the addition of specialized yeasts, and secondary fermentation takes place under pressure in large storage tanks without any additional sugar, only those produced naturally during the brewing process.

These seemingly facile steps result in a fresh beer experience never before available in Santorini. Unfiltered, to capture every particle of flavor, our extraordinary “lagered ales” are alive with personality.  Unpasteurized and preservative-free, they are also sensitive and somewhat fragile, as their very “living” nature requires refrigeration to assure their excellent quality and ultimately, their perfect enjoyment.


Each recipe contains four simple components – malted barley, hops, yeast and water – that in myriad permutations translate into countless possibilities.  So, although these are our offerings for now, we are certain others will join them during the months and years to come.

Brewing equipment by Flecks Brauhaus – Austria & GrInox – Greece

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