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Classico Restaurant , Santorini

Its name declares an established value, something outstanding, of the highest quality. That’s what Classico is.

With 2 different spots on key locations of the island, it meets your demands for coffee, drink, cocktail and amazing food. Absolutely connected with the breathtaking view of the volcano and the blue of the Aegean Sea, the Classico in Fira capital is always considered as the ideal choice for you to enjoy coffee, breakfast, a glass of wine… and now the enriched Mediterranean cuisine.

The flavors of Classico were harmonized perfectly with the environment. The classic Greek was combined with modern elements and the result is impressive. The menu seems to praise the gifts of the nature and includes a rich variety of salads, risotto, pasta, meat, seafood and fish options, all served in order to meet the needs of a discerning palate and delight the eyes at the same time! Among the “not to miss” dishes are the lobster, the shrimp and the fine salmon rolls!

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