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Santorini Wine Tour

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Santorini Wine Tour is a series of educational yet fun tours, that center on the wines and tastes of Santorini as well as rare sights which only insiders of the island know where to find! The intoxicating combination of wine, tastes and emotions are the main elements that you will experience with Santorini Wine Tour Co!
Are you ready to taste the delectable acidity of a wine made with Assyrtico grape?
Want to know which year gave us a great Vinsanto or a Nycteri wine?
Do you want to discover an evocative part of Santorini while stopping to enjoy the stunning caldera views?
Then book one of our Signature Tours and get ready to feel the spirit as a Santorini wine uncorks and pours into your glass!
Inspired by the majestic power of this lava-born island’s unique vineyards and moved by our passion to share only the best of Santorini’s tastes, we created a series of private and semi-private tours that offer our visitors an experience to savor and remember.
Embark on a journey to the historic vineyards of Santorini, visit the most significant sights, and taste the power of the volcanic wines and traditional products of the island. Learn about the soil and the microclimate, see the vines, and learn about the cultivating techniques. Get introduced to the unique grape varieties of the region, as well as the traditional and modern vinification techniques. All our itineraries are hand-picked by our own in-house team of wine experts.
Santorini Wine Tour Co introduced the concept of wine tourism in the unique, ancient wine region of Santorini. This was the first attempt to introduce to the visitors of the island the secrets of grape-cultivation and wine making in Santorini. Like the unique caldera and the impressive landscape, the vineyards and the tastes of Santorini are one of a kind.
Through our Signature tours, you will learn all about the wines, the flavors and all the secret corners of the island. Wine experts and experienced guides will be your escorts to this unique trip on Santorini.

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