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In addition to taking guests around the well-known sights on Rhodes -a cosmopolitan island popular with tourists- we discover untouched land where the scenery alternates rapidly under the deep blue of the Greek sky, beside charming beaches and crystal clear waters.
We take our guests on a tour of certain alternative aspects of our ‘home’ and enjoy the tour with them.

We chose means of transport that respect the environment such as Hardrock and Pitch bikes from ‘SPECIALIZED’, Horizon and Essence sea kayaks from ‘PERCEPTION’, and COBER and POLO hiking gear.

Choose one of our sea kayaking or mountain biking excursions or come along on a hike with us, as we introduce you to our beautiful, special home.

Alternatively, choose one of our carefully curated, fully comprehensive package holidays. We offer a wide range of choice, designed to meet the needs of everyone, ranging from those looking for a cost-effective holiday right up to those looking for a unique luxury getaway.

Enjoy truly unforgettable holidays in the apartments, boutique hotels, five star hotels or luxury gullets we have partnered with, accompanied by Rhodes Roads’ staff, and get to know Rhodes in a truly unique way every day by hiking, kayaking or cycling.

Choose ‘Rhodes Roads’ for great holiday fun and unforgettable memories.


Alexis 4 Seasons  Restaurant Aristotelous St. Medieval Town, Rhodes


Casa Cook   Kolymbia

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