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Walk4fun organizes tours and walks in Leonidion.


Walk4Fun is based in Leonidion, head of the municipality of South Kynouria and capital of the district of Tsakonia in Arkadia. This is an area which uniquely combines the lofty mountains of the Parnon range and the crystal clear sea of the Mirtoon Pelagos, the stretch of the Aegean that borders Arkadia.

A town so truly unique, Leonidio is characterized by deep-rooted custom and tradition which is largely influenced by ancient greek mythology, a rich history and strong religious ties. The local Tsakonian dialect, that dates back to ancient times, along with the traditional Tsakonian architecture are blended into a modern lifestyle based on agriculture, commercial trade and tourism/holiday recreation.

The preservation of the area’s natural environment, as well as, the authenticity of our cultural identity is what gives Leonidion its charm.

Our Philosophy

It is in this spirit of harmony, a balance between nature and the contemporary, that we organise our tour walks in nature, adjusted to suit your wishes. We ensure that these walks will be carried out responsibly, and most importantly, with utmost safety.

Whether you fancy long or short distances, there are trekking trails to suit every level of stamina and endurance. Rejuvenate yourself amidst the untouched beauty of nature while exploring the ample variety of flora and fauna.

Thrill-seekers can share their passion for adventure by embarking with us on off-trail paths. You will surely feel revitalized by vigorous physical activity in breathtaking surroundings.

For those who seek something different, the dry gorge trails await to offer a unique experience.

Enjoy the picturesque town, converse with the friendly locals, feel relaxed and carefree.


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