Santorini: Sunrise Photography Workshop

Save up to 20%

  • See Santorini's most beautiful scenery during the stunning sunrise
  • Learn how to take the best photos at the golden hour with instructions from a professional photographer
  • Enjoy your morning coffee in beautiful Oia village before everyone else has awoken

After pickup from your hotel right before the sun rises, your photographic journey begins. After heading to the first of 3 photo locations, you’ll begin the photography when the sun is near the horizon, reducing the glare of direct light and giving you a chance to capture the magical views just after sunrise. All the while, a professional photographer will give you tips and tricks to capture the best shots possible. Designed for all who love photography, professional or not, your excursion allows you to capture extraordinary landscapes, unique geological formations, and the iconic white marble of Santorini’s architecture. As the golden glow of the sunrise reaches its peak, you’ll culminate the tour in Oia, one of the most famous, and beautiful, locales on Santorini. With more stunning photos than you’ll know what to do with, your tour culminates with convenient drop off at your hotel, or any other point on the driving route.

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Photography support from a professional photographer
  • Coffee stop in Oia village

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