Santorini: Akrotiri Prehistoric City Guided Walking Tour

Go on a guided walking tour through Akrotiri (prehistoric city) and explore one of the most important Minoan Bronze Age settlements of Greece. Walk through the archeological site and get an insight into the ancient civilization of Santorini.

Meet your guide, a licensed archaeologist, at the entrance of Akrotiri Prehistoric City. Get assistance in buying the entry ticket and embark together with a group on a guided tour through Akrotiri Prehistoric City.  In the 16th century BC, a volcanic eruption destroyed all life on the island. Most of it collapsed beneath the waves and remained undiscovered until the excavations began in 1967, led by Professor Spyros Marintos. He uncovered the evidence of a city with houses, streets, squares and workshops, all of which had been covered under a thick blanket of pumice for almost 3,500 years.  Marvel at the well-preserved buildings and passageway in the excavated area. See the beautiful pottery, the roads, and squares of a city 3,500 years old. Explore the two and three-story houses, which were once decorated with wall paintings and get an insight into the ancient civilization of Santorini.

  • Visit the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, where the myth of Atlantis still lives
  • Enjoy a guided tour by a licensed archaeologist
  • Explore the site on your own after the tour and visit the beach nearby for a swim

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