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Fotiadi’s Farm

Fotiadi’s Farm


Indigenous Greek Black Pig of Olympus, a native treasure. Ancient inhabitant of the Mediterranean, raised at the foot of Olympus and fed with our national fruit, the olive, which provides it with special flavors and high nutritional value. It also contains omega 3-omega6 fatty acids which are 58 times higher than the conventional pork, more protein and iron and less intramuscular fat. It is probably the most “Made in Greece” product.

Fotiadi’s Farm is located in a mountainous pasture of 300,000 m2. In this area, there are stall facilities of 1,450m2 and the livestock breeding is semi-extensive. The female and male animals grow up inside the stable while the 5-month-old livestock are led to the mountainous pasture, where they live happily for 5 months in their natural habitat, travelling daily about 2-3 km. The result of this process is the high-quality meat of low intramuscular fat content which is rich in iron, proteins, trace elements and minerals, valuable for our nutrition.

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