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Rent boat lesvos

Rentboatlesvos specializes in renting out high-speed yachts. Our boats are used as pleasure crafts, or as auxiliary vessels to larger yachts, as well as being used in the organization of sea activities or sports.

Our technical expertise and years of experience, combined with our investment in our private yachts means we can guarantee their excellent condition.......

Molyvos Bikes

For the visitors of Mythimna (Molyvos) and the surrounding area, the bicycle is a great way for getting around. A bicycle tour in time, that includes the most important sights and the unique beauty of our island. An exciting discovery experience of the village, surrounding areas and secluded beaches, that anybody can enjoy, regardless of age and physical condition!


Tropicana Platanos restaurant  Mithymna, Lesvos

With the idea of serving locals and visitors fresh juices, some even tropical and scrumptious homemade ice cream, the Tropicana was born in 1985, at the square of Andrea Kyriakou, in between backyards, right next to an old stone fountain and under the shade of two old magnificent plane trees. So tables were laid under the tree, flowers were planted around it, the first few guests became regulars and it all went on from there. As time passed by, good friends required good meze. Small, homemade local dishes. And this is when Yiannis and Taxia came into the picture. Yiannis started cooking his mother's recipes and Taxia did more talking and laughing with the customers than serving! But that is the reason why they became famous. Not only for their homemade cooking and local cuisine, but also for their authentic hospitality.