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Walk4fun  Leonidio Arcadias

Walk4Fun is based in Leonidion, head of the municipality of South Kynouria and capital of the district of Tsakonia in Arkadia. This is an area which uniquely combines the lofty mountains of the Parnon range and the crystal clear sea of the Mirtoon Pelagos, the stretch of the Aegean that borders Arkadia.

A town so truly unique, Leonidio is characterized by deep-rooted custom and tradition which is largely influenced by ancient greek mythology, a rich history and strong religious ties. The local Tsakonian dialect, that dates back to ancient times, along with the traditional Tsakonian architecture are blended into a modern lifestyle based on agriculture, commercial trade and tourism/holiday recreation.

Waterfun Tolo  Argolis

Fini divers  Messinia

We are a PADI dive school offering a full-range of diving and specialty

courses, for beginners, as well as advanced.  We aim to provide a friendly and professional atmosphere, while maintaining stringent safety standards. Here, you can also try out diving for the first time through the Discover Scuba Diving program (DSD). We invite certified divers to join us on one of our dive trips. Some of the underwater highlights may include reefs, gorges, wrecks, walls, seahorses, turtles, rays, lobsters, and occasionally dolphins.

Pegasus Cruises  Tolo , Argolis

Pegasus cruises is a well – established, friendly, family-run company based in Tolo offering leisure mini-cruises to the picturesque Saronic islands of Spetses, Hydra and Poros and the enchanting historic castle-town of Monemvasia.

PanExpeditions  Nafplio

PanExpeditions, a newly founded business, consisted of an ever-growing team with more than 10 years of experience in the great outdoors and much passion for everything that comes with it, specialised in different areas such as coaching, tour guiding, event-planning and much more. With knowledge and thorough background in Wilderness Living Skills (Bushcraft), we aim to change the perception and awareness on wildlife and the environment, by sharing our knowledge and providing experiences on how to thrive in nature in all sorts of conditions.....

Experience nature  Lakonia

Why "Experience Nature"?

The idea of "Experience Nature" is the ideal way for us, not only to live "priceless" moments that nature offers, but also happy to share them.

This is how we would like to present you our place:

Discover unspoiled countryside of historical Mani and "mythical" mount Taygetos through fun and recreational activities........

Tainaro Sailing Adventures  Sparta

From as far as the coasts of Crete, rolling waves arrive on the opposite side, the Laconian Gulf, caressing the coasts of Cythera and Elafonissos and ending on the southernmost tip of the European continent, Cape Tainaro.

It is here where two seas, the Laconian and Messinian gulfs,
mingle in never-ending waves.

Endowed with the ancient traditions and modern legends, Cape Tainaro was chosen as the name for a new company in the field of maritime tourism. After many years of successful sailboat racing, traveling, as well as boat building, we decided to get involved in maritime tourism.

Tainaro Sailing Adventures was established.

The treasures of the sea, the fascination of the underwater world and the tranquility of the water are incorporated in an exclusive touring program. We offer a collection of unique experiences, by highlighting selected points of the southern Peloponnese. Sailing here, next to ancient ports and sites of historical importance, acquires a mythical dimension and reminds trips of the ancient seagoing ships carrying culture among the lands.

Messinia Sailing   Kalamata

Perhaps it is the history, the marvelous climate, the rich culture and heritage or the warm hospitality of the people that portrays the image of Messinia and Greece. For the sailing enthusiast, it is all the above plus the eternal intimacy between Messinia, sea and nature. Sailing the Messinian seas and Islands conjures visions of deep blue skies, clear azure waters and breathtaking scenery.

The land of Messinia, full of Mycenaean palaces, Venetian castles, museums, Byzantine Churches, Monasteries, tall green or snowy mountains with canyons, waterfalls, amazing caves, old stone bridges and villages, farms with olive & fig trees and vineyards, awaiting even the most assuming customers who wishes to tour and explore the many beauties and well-hidden secrets of Messinia’s nature.

Messinia Sailing is a Messinian family business in the area of daily sailing cruises and pleasure boat chartering for various events. We also provide sailing practice and yacht services for our customers. No sailing experience is required. We have many years of experience in sailing and the sea and we offer our guests a combination of high quality, responsibility & professionalism throughout all our activities. Select the most suitable cruise and your preferred boat or beach activity to enrich your cruise.........

Local Product


With great consistency and products of excellent quality, Kosteas Distillery has been producing handmade products, using the same successful recipes since 1962. In this way, the fans of our products have the certainty that they will enjoy the product they like, with the same satisfaction, every single time.

In Kosteas Distillery, we never become complacent. With restless and creative spirit, the company owners are spreading to the Greek market, by creating new flavors in liqueurs, one-variety or aged tsipouro etc.

The first two gift packages with company's products are already on the market. New packages are being prepared and will be released shortly. Give a gift with Kosteas products and satisfy even your most exacting friends.


Citta dei Nicliani  Koíta , Laconia

The Tower House is located 4 km west from Koita, in the heart of village Stavri. The Tower House is housed on a 19th century three level tower house which was lastly renovated in 2013.
It can accommodate up to eight guests in its two bedrooms. The property has a fully equipped kitchen where the guests can have the opportunity to prepare their own meals. There is a swimming pool in the back yard for the summer months and a fireplace in the second level for the winter. ....

OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites  Levidi Arcadia

«OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites» in Ano Kardaras, Levidi Arcadia, was created to offer exceptional accommodation and tailored services of high quality.

Choose a suite according to your mood. The Artisocratic Emerald, the lighter Sea Blue or Vanilla, the Purple or Chestnut with the mansion ambience, or the Lavender or Honey – all of our suites have their own unique character and luxury atmosphere.

All of the suites are completely autonomous and are decorated with antique furniture and have a fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, central heating, satellite TV, free WiFi, safe, bathroom with Jacuzzi and all the appliances you will need to prepare your own breakfast.

Feggarognemata Suites  Trikala Korinthias

We welcome you to Trikala Korinthias, in the suites “Feggarognemata” and we promise to offer services of high quality and elegance in a cozy and tranquil environment.

“Feggarognemata” is a luxury wooden accommodation complex. It consists of 4 independent maisonettes 47 m2 each, which combine the traditional, the aristocratic and the modern style. It is located in the village of Ano Trikala of Corinthia at an altitude of 1100 meters and is an ideal destination for nature lovers and lovers of relaxation. Built in a beautiful and quiet part of the village, in harmony with the beautiful environment, it offers all modern comforts......

Grand Sarai Nafplio

Construction company ATREAS ATC founded in 2002 from the contractor Konstantinos Gkonis [Dipl.Civil Engineer, NTUA] who is the chairman and Vassileios Argyropoulos who holds the position of managing director. Atreas ATC started operating directly, by completing the ongoing projects of its founders and later on by getting building contracts in public and private sector.

The company cooperates with a team of permanent administrative, scientific and technical staff. It is based in Nafplio, where its office is located, and also owns a worksite area where it stores its technical equipment.