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Kefalonia: Shore Excursion to Melissani and Drogarati Caves

Explore Drogarati cave with the remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

This magnificent cave opened to the public in 1963 and was discovered about 300 years ago.

It is also famous for its excellent acoustics.

Several concerts have taken place in the cave.

Even famous Opera singer Maria Callas gave her appearance.

Take a boat ride into Melissani, Lake of the Nymphs, a lake – a cave of unique beauty, and see how the sun rays lighten up the crystal clear water to an unreal bright turquoise.

It constitutes a unique geological phenomenon. Seawater disappears into swallow holes near Argostoli and appears again after 15 days.

The cave is shaped like a B and a part of the roof collapsed about three thousand years ago.

Discover this astonishing unique cave.

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