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Paros: Sea Kayak Trip with Snorkeling and Snack or Picnic

Sea kayaking is a most appropriate eco friendly activity to discover the beautiful seascape of Paros.

Under the guidance of our certified kayak guides you will explore rocky coastlines, remote beaches and crystal clear waters.

On our breaks we rest, swim, snorkel, explore the surroundings with short walks and have a snack and a picnic.

Your guide will make sure to take photos of you kayaking through the most interesting parts of the trip and share them with you afterwards.

Choose between the complete sea kayak experience that starts in the morning, lasts longer and includes a snack and a picnic or a shorter evening kayak trip version with a snack and the beautiful colors of the light fading sky.

Meet your guide at the beach and receive all the paddling and safety equipment.

You are then briefed on how to use the equipment, trip planning and all about proper and safe paddling techniques.

You then start your trip and immediately get drawn by the exploratory nature of sea kayaking.

Throughout the trip your guide will share with you local historical and cultural information as well as paddling tips and facts about the Parian marine environment.

You will explore granite and limestone coastlines that are part of a locally managed environmental park and come across small beaches that have no road but only hiking access.

Depending on the wind conditions and your trip variation you may continue on a more remote coastline with cliffs and impressive rock formations that come across a picturesque lighthouse which you will visit and could even try cliff jumping.

A different option is to paddle downwind with the help of the waves pushing and surfing to reach the crystal clear waters of Kolimpithres beach and end up on a small island with a Greek chapel for a well deserved break.

You will make 2 stops throughout the trip to rest, swim, snorkel, or have a walk to a view point and then depending on your trip selection be offered a snack or a snack and picnic .

After your well deserved breaks and with replenished energy levels you will resume your paddle back to where you started, and like that finish your activity with a sweet tiredness and satisfaction of accomplishment.

A full value day well spent in the outdoors.

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