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Spinalonga Boat Trip from Heraklion

Explore the island of Spinalonga in a Day Trip!

About This Tour

Spinalonga, also known as Kalydon, is a small islet located in the Gulf of Elounda, off the northeastern coast of the Greek island of Crete. It is situated near the town of Elounda and the village of Plaka. Crete leprosy island holds significant historical and cultural importance, making it an intriguing destination for tourists. It is known for its fascinating history, particularly as a former leper colony.

Here is some informative content about Spinalonga guided tour:

  • Access: To reach Spinalonga fortress, the tour starts with a transfer to the port of Elounda to embark on a boat heading to the island. The boat ride to the island provides an opportunity to appreciate the islands impressive fortifications and scenic surroundings. Our professional guide is available, providing you with  insights into Spinalonga's history and ensuring a comprehensive experience.
  • Venetian Fortress:  A great island with Venetian fortresses and amazing history.The tour begins with a visit to the impressive Venetian fortress that dominates the islands landscape. Our Guide will explain the strategic significance of the fortress and provide historical background on its construction and architectural features. You can explore the walls, bastions, and other remnants of the fortress while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding sea.
  • Leper Colony: From 1903 to 1957, Spinalonga served as a leper colony, housing individuals with leprosy, a chronic infectious disease. Patients were forcibly isolated on the island to prevent the spread of the disease to the mainland. The leper colony was completely self-sufficient and had its own facilities, including a hospital, church, school, and other amenities. Guide will delve into the history of leprosy and its impact on the leper island. Our certified guide will discuss the establishment of the colony in the early 20th century, the medical conditions at the time, and the reasons behind the decision to isolate patients on the island. Visitors will gain insights into the daily lives of the residents, their social structures, and the challenges they faced.
  • Buildings and Infrastructure: As you stroll through the island, guides will point out significant buildings and infrastructure that were part of the leper colony. This may include the old hospital, church, school, houses, and communal areas. Guide will provide you details about the architecture, functions of these structures, and the efforts made to create a self-sufficient community on the island.
  • Cultural Significance and Literary References: Guide may highlight the cultural significance of Spinalonga, including its portrayal in literature and popular culture. They might mention ''Victoria Hislops novel The Island'' and its adaptation into a television series, drawing attention to the impact these works have had on raising awareness about the islands history.
  • Return: We will return back where we will enjoy ample time for swimming in Elounda and a lunch will be prepared for us there with Cretan local products on a beach side taverna. After the lunch we will visit the picturesque village of Agios Nikolaos on our way back to the hotel.

A guided tour of Spinalonga provides a structured and informative way to discover the islands compelling history and immerse oneself in its captivating atmosphere.

Free cancellation 24 h before the tour

Also included

  • Pick-up/drop off transportation
  • Boat tickets
  • Lunch
  • Escort


  • Tips and gratuities

What You May Need

  • Walking shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Camera
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel

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