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Tzoumerka Adventure Off-Road & Cooking Experience


Get ready for an exciting adventure in the mountains of Tzoumerka! We'll explore the breathtaking views of Mt. Lakmos and visit the legendary Verlinga dragon lake.

We'll also take a guided tour of the charming traditional villages of Syrrako and Kipina’s monastery, where you'll learn about the rich history and customs of the locals.

But that's not all! We'll also have a chance to cook and taste traditional recipes using fresh local ingredients while enjoying the beauty of nature. This off-road adventure is perfect for those who want to experience the natural wonders and cultural heritage of Tzoumerka.


Our journey begins with the first stop at the Kipina monastery, an extraordinary monastery built on a steep rock. We will then continue to the Kouiassa waterfalls, where we can take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Kalarritikos river before enjoying some coffee and snacks at a small forest cafe.

Next, we will head to Syrrako, a traditional stone-built village, where we will explore the charming narrow streets and immerse ourselves in the village's history and culture.

Our adventure continues with a trek towards the peaks of Mt. Lakmos, where we will discover the breathtaking dragon lake of Verlinga and cook up a delicious meal using local products while enjoying the stunning view of Ioannina city and its lake from above.

Our journey ends back on the Egnatia highway, but with unforgettable memories of our off-road adventure in the mountains of Tzoumerka!


  • Explore the unique Monastery of Kipina
  • Swim in Kouiassa's crystal-clear waters
  • Visit the Mt. Lakmos peaks with a great view of Ioannina city
  • Discover the traditional village of Syrrako
  • Taste traditional food with local products cooked at this time
  • Live an unforgettable experience

Epirus Adventures is a tour operator with excellent knowledge of the Epirus region and mainland Greece, providing unique experiences, outdoor activities and multi-day tours.
Our touring company started operating in the region of Epirus in 2018, making day trips to Zagori, Tzoumerka, and Metsovo.
Today, with our love for our work, we managed to play a leading role in the tourist market of mainland Greece, organizing unique experiences, activities, and multi-day tour packages, aiming for the best quality for the traveler.

Starting our journey with a passion for exploration, a love for nature and always looking for experiences, we managed to offer the visitors of Epirus something unique.
Our goal is the combination of nature, gastronomy and culture, as Epirus is full of beautiful landscapes, unique flavors and rich history, but also the combination of mountain and sea because Epirus is a destination for all seasons.

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