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Milano wedding of Nicole & Mitchell ( The White Rose )

Their Experience

Mitchell and I truly felt like it was a fairytale and the wedding of our dreams. From the smallest details like the couches set up for the aperitive to the magical candles and flowers set at the tables on the reception, the surprise fireworks for the cake cutting… it was all magical! We are incredibly grateful to The White Rose for making our most important day also our most wonderful and unforgettable day.

Nicole & Mitchell

The White Rose

Accompanying a couple on the journey to their big day is a matter involving, first of all, responsibility. Twenty years ago, we created The White Rose. Our choice was to accompany the bride and groom in making more informed choices, highlighting the peculiarities of each solution so their decisions would be made with full calm and with a practical outlook. The choice to concentrate all services in a single provider, aimed at creating a truly tailor-made product, makes The White Rose a company that is unique in the industry, offering modular and customized solutions that are able to satisfy a diverse clientele, with the most varied budgets, focusing on the quality of the work and on the expertise of the professionals we have carefully selected for this purpose.


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