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My enchantment with weddings began by planning my very own dream wedding on the shores of Santorini back in 2011.

As a passionate and creative wedding planner, I've had the incredible privilege of turning cherished dreams into breathtaking reality. But what makes my story truly extraordinary is that I didn't just step into the role of owner - my journey began right here at Santorini Wedding Planners. It was in the heart of this remarkable company alongside the founder, Shirley Chiarolanzio, where I devoted myself to mastering the intricate art of wedding planning. I worked tirelessly, learning every facet of the profession while nurturing an enduring affection for the craft.

At the core of my wedding planning philosophy is a simple belief - every couple has a unique love story, and it's my mission to make your wedding day reflect that story. Through my years of planning, I've learned that personalization is key. I approach each project with dedication and creativity to match your style and values. My perspective, my ability to handle unexpected challenges and my deep love for what I do is part of what makes me unique.

Each wedding isn't just an event - it's a love story. Let's create memories that last a lifetime!

With love and excitement,

Maria Sarma

+30 22860 30961

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