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Sagrada Familia guided tour with Skip the line ticket ( Barcelona )

Join us on our Sagrada Familia guided tour and contemplate this UNESCO World Heritage-listed building. Start by discovering every corner of this fascinating place from the outside: you will be first awed by the height of the building and its verticality, then you will admire the first of the façades and will be impressed by its uncountable details.

Once inside, be amazed by the height of the vaults and the awesome stained glass. By the end of the tour you will know much more about Antoni Gaudi and the symbolism behind his most iconic and still unfinished building.

  • Maximum 15 people in the group to ensure an intimate experience with your tour guide
  • Avoid long lines, enjoy a fast track access getting in with your tour guide
  • The tour is in English only
  • 1.30-hour (approx.) guided tour of Gaudi’s Masterpiece La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Licensed and passionate guide

What to see at the Sagrada Familia

With more than 4.7 million tourists in 2019, the Sagrada Familia has become one of the most prominent attractions in Barcelona
Despite its prominence and splendor, the archdiocese of Barcelona does not consider the Sagrada Familia to be the city’s cathedral church. That honor, instead, belongs to the cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia.

The interior of the Sagrada Familia has 36 forest-like columns and 5 naves. The main nave rises above the others and connects to the transept. The choir is behind the transept, supported by the smaller columns. Just behind the choir is the altar, illuminated by the light of the stained glass windows. The apse, located above the crypt, houses the altar and has seven chapels along with staircases on both sides. The rest of the walls of the interiors are decorated with large stained glass windows, the main source of light in the basilica.

The layout of the interior of the Sagrada Familia resembles a huge Latin cross measuring 90 m in length from the entrance to the apse. The naves are bounded by the transept, which is 60 m long and 45 m wide.


The three entrances symbolize the three virtues: love, hope and faith, each of which is a specific representation of the life of Christ.


Gaudi’s original vision for the towers included 18 spires to represent the twelve apostles, the Virgin Mary, the four evangelists and Jesus Christ. Of the 18, only 8 spires have been completed so far, corresponding to the four apostles of the Nativity façade and the four apostles of the Passion façade.
You can climb to the top of the towers to contemplate the sea views. Although the top can be reached by elevators, the descent is only possible via a long, narrow spiral staircase.

In keeping with Gaudí’s personal architectural style, which is inspired by nature, these spiral staircases resemble the back of that animal. They are 60 meters high and have a total of 504 steps. The stairs have no handrails, but are arranged in a spiral so that the walls act as a safe support on the way down. The stairs are completely safe to climb and are not very physically strenuous.

On your visit to the Sagrada Familia, if you purchase a ticket that includes access to the towers, you can choose to climb either the Nativity tower or the Passion tower.


Gaudí designed the columns of the Sagrada Familia to symbolize the ascent of the saints to heaven and the descent of the angels to meet them. More specifically, the four columns with symbols in the center are in honor of the evangelists. The rest of the columns are a representation of the twelve apostles, 15 Spanish cities with archbishops, four Catalan bishoprics and the five continents of the world.

Stained glass:

the colors of the stained glass windows define the atmosphere of the church. The yellow, blue and green of the Nativity portal symbolize the birth of Jesus, while the orange and red of the windows of the Passion façade indicate water, light and resurrection. In addition, if you look beyond the canopy, the marvelous golden mosaic dome represents Christianity as a whole.

Lights and colors illuminate the interiors of the Sagrada Familia with a rainbow of light during sunset. This makes the evenings the perfect time to take photos.

A curiosity that very few people know:
Although Antoni Gaudí is the most prominent name linked to the construction of the Sagrada Familia, he was not the first architect in charge. Construction began with the participation of Francisco de Paula del Villar. A year after construction began on the structure, in March 1883, Villar resigned due to disagreements between him and the city council, and Gaudí took over.

 Skip-the-line tickets to Sagrada Familia
 Licensed tour guide
 Small-group tour to ensure a more intimate experience with your guide
 Radio guide system
 Mono-language tour (English)
 An awesome experience at Sagrada Familia

Departure Point: Botiga de la Sagrada Familia, Carrer de la Marina, s/n, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Departure Time: 3.00 pm. Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes before for a correct check-in.

Duration: 1.30h

Return Details: Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

Cancellation is free if communicated 24 hours before the tour.

The tour is in English.

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