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Paros & Antiparos Sunset Trips

Experience the enchantment of the Greek Isles with a breathtaking sunset boat trip around Paros and Antiparos. As the sun begins its slow descent, casting warm hues across the sky, embark on a journey that promises to be a sensory delight.

Cruise Description

The boat glides past iconic landmarks and pristine coastline, revealing hidden coves, quaint fishing villages, and secluded beaches accessible only by boat. You’ll witness the islands’ traditional white-washed architecture perched against the cliffs, beautifully contrasted by the deep blue sea.

Cruise Duration

Max. Persons

4 Persons (Additional Persons at 50 E per person)


What To Bring With You

Good Vibes!

Spoken Languages

English, French, Greek

Private boat trips in Paros, Antiparos
and the surrounding islands

Escape into the blue on a private boat trip in Paros & Antiparos. Our private boat trips are without a doubt a unique experience. Live unparalleled moments aboard our speed boats and enjoy the Cycladic paradise. Beautiful waterways and amazing scenery that offer memorable experiences out on the water. Aboard our rib boats, you will explore the islands like never before. Discover hidden locations with total privacy. Discover Paros & Antiparos by boat, set your foot on the small islands of Mikronisi & Despotiko, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Southern Paros, the famous “Blue Lagoon”, Panteronissia, hidden caves, and many other idyllic locations. This private day is yours to tailor! Hand pick off track spots and activities for a full personal experience that the crew will help you design if you wish. We offer the most incredible boat trip experiences in Paros & Antiparos.

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