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An Elegant And Stylish St Audries Park Wedding In The Beautiful Somerset Countryside

Who could have imagined that I’d have the privilege of photographing the wedding of someone I’ve seen grow up from a newborn baby in to a beautiful young lady?  Not me, for sure!  After all, I was a geeky scientist for a large part of my career, though a passionate photographer on the side.  So it was one of those twists and turns of life that saw me become a full-time wedding photographer followed some years later by the news that Paula was now engaged.  Paula told me that she always wanted me to be her wedding photographer so how could I possibly refuse such an offer!

Paula and Oliver both live and work in the financial district of London so this was an obvious choice for their London engagement shoot but their wedding was over on the other side of the UK in the beautiful Somerset countryside venue of St Audries Park.  With acres of parkland, herds of roaming deer, the nearby Quantock Hills and overlooking the Bristol Channel, St Audries Park is an amazing setting for a stylish wedding.  Add in the nearby quaint St Etheldreda’s Church then you have what a lot of the American guests described as the English wedding they had always imagined.  Maybe ‘Four Weddings’ did make an impression after all!

So after quite some time and much procrastination here are some of my favourites from your St Audries Park wedding. Happy anniversary!

Hello and welcome to Graham Warrellow Photography!

As a documentary wedding photographer I spend my time chasing and capturing memories for happy people on one of the most important days of their lives. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer all my life and spent many years earning a living as a scientist and inventor in the amazing world of drug discovery.  I also have a passion for astronomy and almost went down that road but now I just keep my head in the stars!  Yes, that’s right, I’m a bit of a geek.  I think the fact I built my own telescope at school says it all!

I’m married with two daughters.  My wife Mary is now my photography assistant at weddings and is often mentioned by couples who are kind enough to review their experience with us.  I’m great with faces and Mary is great with names (being an ex-teacher) so between the two of us we soon work out the ‘who’s who’ at each wedding.

We love to travel, with South America and South-east Asia amongst our favourite destinations, and seem to be drawn to unfamiliar cultures and experiences that are very different to our own daily life.  I think in another life I would have loved to be a natural history photographer roaming the planet with a rucksack, a kettle and a camera.

Travel, astronomy, photography.  How about a pastime that combines all three?  Eclipse chasing is the answer.  Did I tell you I am a geek?  The truth is that witnessing a total solar eclipse is a totally mind-blowing experience.  I’d encourage everyone to make it their business to see one in their lifetime.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

Wherever we travelled it seemed that it was the people in those faraway places that my camera was drawn to rather than the usual tourist sites.  Often people without a common language.  But a big smile and a sprinkling of rehearsed phrases in chinese, vietnamese, burmese or spanish made a huge difference to my photos.  They established trust, a connection, probably because they found my mispronunciation so amusing!

Anyway, over time, I realised that I really love to photograph people so it was an easy decision to become a full-time documentary wedding photographer. Graham Warrellow Photography was born!

My unobtrusive and sensitive style lends itself to photographing people in a natural way.  Sometimes you will forget I’m in the room with you, other times you will catch me smiling but you will always see that I am dedicated and enthusiastic about being your wedding photographer.  I just love the idea of capturing those special moments in time that will become someone else’s precious memories.  Photographs that will allow you to remember how you felt and to relive the emotion of a precise moment in time.  I think that’s rather special.

“I shoot from my heart and do everything I can to tell your love story by writing it with photos, from your engagement photoshoot through to your wedding day, and sometimes beyond!”

You know we love to travel so please get in touch if you are seeking a destination wedding photographer or want a destination engagement photoshoot!  After spending a few years living and working in Barcelona, I’m especially keen to photograph your wedding in Barcelona, Mallorca or elsewhere in Spain.

I’d love to hear from you if your wedding photography is important to you. You now know something about us so now it’s your turn.  Tell us about your love story and your plans and let’s see if I can help you capture those special moments in your life.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and send you a copy of my 2021-22 Graham Warrellow Photography brochure.

Good luck with all your wedding planning!

Graham | Graham Warrellow Photography

+44 7852 597914

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