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What we do?

Almost everyning! It’s true, we can satisfy every need which concerns photography and videography. From hotel photography to aerial photography and photo tours in Santorini.

Santorini Photo Tour

First of all, Santorini photography tours are private, so everybody know it’s other and because of that, the photo tour and the places we will visit depends on your needs and interests We will show you the best and the most interesting places of this wonderful island in a unic Santorini photo tour. We are photographers and not tour guides or historians, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t provide you with information for every place you will see. However, the main thing is that you will have the opportunity to see places that is impossible to know and see alone, learn how and which techniques are needed in order to be able to take pictures under any conditions, that will remain forever. We will go to several beautiful places in Santorini for the photo tour, we will walk through traditional local villages like Pyrgos and Emporio, the most famous regions like Fira or Oia, Black or Red beach and some hidden spots with amazing view, so take the chance and try a Santorini photo tour with us! Just to Know that more the hours, more the places we can go.

Santorini Touring

Exploring the irresistible island of Santorini on foot or cycling will certainly be the highlight of your holidays. The amazing volcanic caldera, the famous sunsets and the whitewashed villages await you.

Travelling alone, with friends or with family, come and explore Santorinis’ charms with us.

Santorini Photo Safari

This unique shore excursions allows you to photograph from Akrotiri the old light house, ruins of old windmills, the red volcanic beaches, the dark rocky caldera with the whitewashed traditional houses, the architecture of the island and the unique landscapes of Oia.

We’ll show you the best vantage points to photograph these landmarks as you hone your photography skills.

Santorini Gastronomy 

Santorini Gastronomy offers top-quality cooking lessons for our guests, to make you feel a little bit more like home. Our lessons are the perfect way for you to learn how to cook the delicious Greek cuisine whilst enjoy the local delicacies and culture.

Santorini Kite

Santorini Kite is located at the east side of the Island, very close to the airport and is the absolute place for the lovers of Kitesurf, windsurf, Surf & SuP but also for them who are looking for the Unique wild side of the island that is not so popular and crowded due to strong winds and wavy beaches. The Summer Season the Meltemi Winds that blowing Side On is very safe for the Beginners but also for Advanced Riders after 20 Knots due to great waves created by the small reef.

Santorini Helicopter Tours

Try our excellent helicopter tour and witness the magic of Santorini as you never have before, The helicopter tour will be an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life! Aerial tours of Santorini offer breathtaking views on the geography of the Santorini and it’s beautiful landmarks, so whether you’re a from here or another country you will get to experience the island from a different perspective.

Santorini Wine Tour

Santorini Wine Tour is a series of educational yet fun tours, that center on the wines and tastes of Santorini as well as rare sights which only insiders of the island know where to find! The intoxicating combination of wine, tastes and emotions are the main elements that you will experience with Santorini Wine Tour Co!

Santorini Yachts

These magnificent, high performance sailing vessels, with their own captain and crew, offer professionalized cruises for you, your family and friends, giving you the chance to intimately explore the beautiful and historical island of Santorini and the surrounding Greek islands, in the hypnotizing deep blue waters of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Santorini Exclusive Sailing

Our company performs exclusive cruises offering to you authentic and unforgettable experiences with quality services. We organize morning, sunset and full day tours in the gulf of Caldera as well as along the South coast of Santotini.  Together we can plan and perform the trip of your dreams!

Rentacar Santorini   Rent a car

Vazeos   Rent a car

Santorini Yachting Club

There is no better way to start your vacation in Santorini rather than sailing around the island and enjoying the views of the volcanic rocky cliffs, the famous Caldera, with the perched traditional white houses on top and the backdrop of the blue horizon of the Aegean Sea.

Aegean Sea Breeze

Whether you want to explore the rock formations of the Caldera from the water, enjoy a relaxing day of swimming and sunbathing or just enjoy the spectaculer sunset, an affordable private trip on Mistral 27 M/Y with  Yiannis and on Cranchi 41 with Nikos as your skipper and host, is the answer. They are experienced skipper with a vast knowledge of the Aegean and the local area. The motor boats can be rented by half day, full day or a tailor made private charter.

Santorini Adventures

Whether you are a sports fanatic or just somebody who loves being outside in the nature, get ready to enjoy one of the best adventures Santorini has to offer.
Our guided tours on electric bicycles give you an opportunity not only to keep yourself active but to have fun while exploring one of the most beautiful of all Greek islands.

Eco Bike

A fully immersive experience of the real and authentic soul of Santorini. The uniqueness of our tours is the combination of standard tours with the main and traditional
tourist attractions, natural cycle paths and architecture. Unique itineraries are carefully selected. They are the result of a deep knowledge of the territory and passion for the region, its history and tradition.


We are a professional and family-run dive centre located in Oia, one of the most characteristic and beautiful settlements in Santorini. Atlantis Dive Centre is owned by Apostolos Stylianopoulos and Marta Fortes Vilaltella.

With his 20 years of experience on the island, Apostolos knows Santorini very well – above and underwater. He is a PADI Master Instructor, the first Cousteau diving instructor in Greece, and a Speedboat captain instructor. Marta is a recreational diver and shares Apostolos’s passion for the sea.

Aegean Divers

It is here in Santorini where you will find the “Aegean Divers” diving centre. Having had long experience in recreational diving at all levels of certified divers as well as in training, Aegean Divers welcome both amateur and professional divers and help them experience and enjoy some of the most beautiful and exciting diving destinations in Greece.

Helicopter private services

In Helicopter Private Services LTD following stable steps we created a united network for your fly needs in helicopter and private aircrafts.
Creating conditions with continuous effort to improve Helicopter Private Services at the highest level.
We offer high quality aviation services, ensuring safety, speed and comfort.

Around travel  Transfers

Santorini Sea kayak

Our Guides are certified by British Canoe Union and are highly experienced kayakers in the Greek seas. Practice keeps on going all year round. We organize stuff expeditions where we can check or/and improve our skills annually.

Santorini Wine Adventure

Taste the award-winning volcanic wines of Santorini as you move between the most legendary wineries of the island on a small-group wine tour of the Santorini countryside.

Learn about the ancient vineyard of Santorini, the history of the island through the centuries and how the volcanic soils influence its wine-making.


Selene  Restaurant  Pyrgos

‘Selene’ restaurant was established in 1986 in Fira, Santorini by Yiorgos and Evelyn Hatziyannakis. Our aim was from the very start, to show and promote the local products along with the local cuisine hoping that this will enable us to transmit to our guests a taste of the island’s culture. The success that we have had all those years not only within Greece but also worldwide, has encouraged us to continue with cooking lessons, catering for weddings and conferences and various gastronomical events.

Character Italian restaurant  Fira

Character Italian restaurant and lounge bar opened its doors in 2012 at the most beautiful spot of Fira town. The multi-level venue renovated by award winning decorator D. Economou creates a sensational, casual but yet classy space with inviting atmosphere surrounded by the outstanding Caldera view.

Argo Restaurant  Fira

A tasty trip begins in Argo restaurant in Fira, Santorini and at the heart of the beautiful capital of Santorini, Fira. Full of flavors from around the world, Argo restaurant in Santorini with its elegant spaces, relaxing decor, great views of the caldera and the sunset will travel you around the world through the flavors of the new age cuisine. Starting point is Fira, Santorini.....

Sunset by Paraskevas  Ammoudi  - Oia

You may hear the locals refer to Sunset taverna as Paraskevas’ instead. That is to show how loved and respected Paraskevas is, a man full of life, warmth and always ready to welcome and accommodate you in the relaxing area of Sunset Taverna. Paraskevas is the heart and soul of Sunset tavern, who channelled his love for good food and his high standards of quality and hospitality in an establishment that soon became famous, not only for the exquisite food but also for the amiable atmosphere and its owner, who will instantly make you feel right at home, here, in Ammoudi bay, Santorini.

Mario Restaurant Monolithos

Opened in 1982 in Monolithos area, Santorini, Mario Restaurant has become famous for its genuine and traditional Greek and Santorinian offering always with respect and love for the Greek cuisine dishes and elite delicacies of all Aegean area. Holding up to 450 persons Mario Restaurant is the best place where you can both enjoy a dinner and to organize a small or big event!

Classico Restaurant  Fira

Its name declares an established value, something outstanding, of the highest quality. That’s what Classico is.

With 2 different spots on key locations of the island, it meets your demands for coffee, drink, cocktail and amazing food. Absolutely connected with the breathtaking view of the volcano and the blue of the Aegean Sea, the Classico in Fira capital is always considered as the ideal choice for you to enjoy coffee, breakfast, a glass of wine… and now the enriched Mediterranean cuisine.

Pyrgos Restaurant Santorini

In Pyrgos Restaurant you will enjoy a great hospitality and gastronomic experience that combines authentic tastes from Santorini and the Mediterranean. Our long experience, the genuine and warm welcome, the passion for serving a series of tastes that fuse freshness and creativity along with the impeccable event and wedding services have established Pyrgos Restaurant as a premium choice for those who wish to enjoy the best of taste and feast in Santorini!

Mylos Bar Restaurant  Firostefani

For a lovely lunch, our light a la cart menu offers a variety of tasty dishes and salads.  And in the evening, if you really want to treat yourself to a fabulous gourmet dining experience, nothing compares to a candlelitdinner at Mylos gourmet restaurant in Santorini.

Kiwi Restaurant - Kamari 

In China, a meal is a social event meant to be experienced with others. Food is shared in a communal setting. Dishes are served “family style” to ensure all guests get a taste of everything. The principles of Chinese cuisine are entrenched in a theory of harmony, dictating that all facets of the senses are stimulated equally. A balance of tastes, textures, fragrances and colors are presented in a way that enhance and accent the other. To ensure the most enjoyable experience, ordering is traditionally done by a single person, typically the host.



What makes the agricultural products of Santorini unique is mainly the soil of the island. Among these products, the famous “fava” has an outstanding place. This plant is being cultivated for ages in Greece, as show the remains of fava seeds found during archaeological excavations on the island.

Volkan Beer

Santorini is volcanic and unique. Our spectacular island receives little rainfall, so what grows is intense in flavour and aromas and limited in quantity.

In brewing Volkan we bring together, lava rock filtered mineral water and the best of local ingredients; rare Santorini grape honey and ancient citrus medica essence from Naxos.

Anydro Tours

Biological Farming

Cherry tomato of Santorini owns its deep aroma and sweet taste in the unique climate and the volcanic soil of Santorini. The rain falls are limited, but the plants do not need any draining system. The humidity of the night, concentrate inside the light-stones and during the day time offer to plant this humidity.

Yellow donkey

A Serbian brewer, Boban Krunic, a multi-talented American, Majda Anderson, a Greek oenologist – winemaker, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos & an Englishman, wine aficionado & brewer/owner of the Rocky Head Brewery in London, Steve Daniel, compose since 2011, the multicultural company-mix of the newly established Small-Brewery of Santorini, hoping to add something new and different to the admirably boring – until then – Greek beer scene of colorless and odorless lagers …

Canava Roussos

Historical background: Canava Poussos at a glance

Canava Roussos, the oldest on Santorini, was founded in 1836 to produce high quality wines uniquely expressing the characters of the numerous varieties of Thiran grapes.

Decades of experience have passed from generation to generation so that, with consistency, continuity and absolute respect, expression is given to the island’s art of wine-making.....

Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum

Located on beautiful Santorini, the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum has everything a visitor would want to know about winemaking in one of the most unique places on earth. With the Koutsoyannopoulos family knowledge and historical exhibits, guests will get a glimpse of what life was like as a winemaker here.....

Artemis karamolegos

Artemis Karamolegos Winery produces 11 different wines in order to highlight the complexity and express the true character of this unique terroir

The Terra Nera series is an excellent introduction to Santorini wines and is based on the two most popular varieties on the island (Assyrtiko, Mandilaria). Terra Nera White is the fruitiest and simplest version of Assyrtiko as it comes from young vines grown at a low-altitude, vinified in order to produce a more “every day” wine, with less ageing potential and complexity than the other white wines produced at the Winery. The Terra Nera series is complemented by the similarly easy drinking and food friendly Terra Nera Red and Terra Nera Rosé....


Hatzidakis WineryIn 1996 Haridimos Hatzidakis replanted a small vineyard which was abandoned since 1956, because of the large earthquake in Santorini. This vineyard of half hectare, which lies at an altitude of 330 meters, in the village of Pyrgos Kallistis, was cultivated organically with Aidani, an indigenous variety of Santorini......

Estate Argyros

Established in 1903 Estate Argyros is run by Matthew Argyros, 4th generation of winemakers.
Based in Episkopi Santorini, the winery owns 120ha of vineyards with ungrafted -original rootstock – phylloxera safe plants averaging 70 years old, including some of the oldest vines on the island which are over 200 years old.
Our philosophy is to craft outstanding boutique wines based only on the indigenous varieties of Santorini and mostly with Assyrtiko.

Acroterra Wines

Expertly bringing together the ancient Greek winemaking tradition in Santorini with the powerful elements of nature.

The vineyards lie between 200 to 350 meters above sea level in Pyrgos, a hilltop on the island favored for its quality vines. Put differently, Santorini’s stark volcanic hilly terrain miraculously gives way to surprising vineyards that yield excellent wine, thanks to a very distinct terroir and intricate microclimate.....

Gaia Wines

The fossil of the Aegean Sea – whispering the ancient secrets of the Greek land has been getting around the world the most famous Greek varieties the last years using the name GAIA wines. This was accomplished, with the education and the passion of its people.

GAIA Wines was founded in 1994 by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos (Agriculturalist and PhD in Enology from the University of Bordeaux II) and Leon Karatsalos (Agriculturalist).....

Santo Wines

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, SantoWines was founded in 1947. Today, it consists of the largest organization of the island representing all the cultivators and counting 1.200 active members. SantoWines is committed to safeguarding the local traditional cultivations , producing highest quality Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Santorini wines and products as well as promoting sustainable agriculture development.....

Domaine Sigalas

Live the total wine experience in Santorini at Domaine Sigalas in Santorini

The scenic location of the winery and the positioning of the wine tasting room to the west, gives the opportunity to all visitors to enjoy the colors of the setting sun as it descends on the vineyard. Live the total wine experience at Domaine Sigalas in Santorini taking a Wine Tasting or having a Menu Degustation at Domaine Sigalas

Gavalas Winery

The Gavalas family has been exclusively engaged in the vinification of the indigenous varieties grown in Santorini, since the end of the 19th century. Up until the 1920¢s the family produced wines from grapes grown in their privately-owned vineyards and vinted in their winery (canava) in Megalochori.....

Venetsanos winery

Venetsanos winery is located right above the port of Athinios, overlooking the magnificent caldera of Santorini.  The Venetsanos family has a very long tradition in producing wine. Originally was produced for the island and subsequently it was exported extensively, and particularly to countries such as Russia. It was built in 1947 by Venetsanos family and became the first industrial winery on the island. Its most distinguished feature is the structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited. The winery was built in an unconventional manner constructed from above and moving downwards.


Ayama Hideaway Villa   Exo Katoikies , Fira

Located in Fira, Ayama Hideaway Villa offers free WiFi, a garden and air conditioning. The Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera are 1.1 mi from the property.

Kokkinos Villas  Akrotiri

We welcome you for an unforgettable vacation with calm, comfort and excellent hospitality at Akrotiri Village in Santorini island !

Kokkinos villa’s spacious Rooms offer a stunning Caldera view accommodation in Santorini Island.

With a fantastic panoramic view over the breathtaking Caldera, Santorini picturesque gulf with Volcano in the center, Kokkinos Villas welcomes you with traditional Greek hospitality, in its friendly island environment and a big outdoor Swimming Pool.

Sun View Villas   Pyrgos

Pyrgos is situated 8 km southeast of Fira.

The village is located on a fabulous spot on top of a hill and displays incredible panoramic views of the island.

At the bottom are some nice taverns, a shop that stocks international press and the usual tourist shops.

The Venetian castle is one of the five on the island of Santorini and dates back to the 13th century.

The fortfied settlement is amphitheatrically built on the hill and offers superb views of both sides of the island.

Kalitsi Guest House  Vothonas

Kalitsi is a guesthouse in the picturesque village of Vothonas, Santorinis which is located in the centre of the island in geographically advantageous position with the fast and direct access to Fira, the airport and most beaches. The traditional settlement of Vothona is characterised for the preservation of cultural features and technical architecture.

Avant Garde Suites   Akrotiri

Built in an imposing location with a panoramic view of the stunning caldera where you can soak in the stunning natural landscape and enjoy your privacy, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the stylish Avant Garde Suites was straight out of a painting that captures the glow of the Aegean and Santorini’s magical sunsets…

Aronia villa  Panagia Kalou

Our home is ideally positioned to enjoy all year round in Santorini. Aronia Villa is situated in a quiet and safe neighborhood, in Imerovigli, retaining the value of peaceful living while having the beach literally on your doorstep. It’s conveniently close to Vourvoulos Village (5-minute drive), where a selection of mini-markets, restaurants and coffee shops are located. Moreover, the center of Santorini, Thera, is only a 10-minute drive and Oia is approximately 20-minutes away.


Callia Collection Fira

Callia Cave Suites

Callia Retreat Suites

Imagine an experience that can both excite and soothe all your senses at the same time; gorgeous, awe inspiring views, the soothing buzz of the vibrant energy of Fira, palate-tingling tastes and fragrances and the smooth, gentle harmony of the scenery; this is the Callia Collection experience, an ode to the greatness and the unparalleled wonders of Santorini. Here, you will relax; here you will fall in love and you will share unforgettable moments with those you treasure; these moments will remain indelible in your memories and in your heart forever.

Amera Suites

Set within 1.7 km of Archaeological Museum of Thera and less than 1 km of Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira, Amera Suites provides accommodation with free WiFi and flat-screen TV. The accommodation has a hot tub.

Fanari Vista Suites

Located in Fira in the Santorini region with Archaeological Museum of Thera and Megaro Gyzi nearby, Fanari Vista Suites has accommodations with a hot tub. The accommodations are air-conditioned and comes with a hot tub.

Asma Suites

Asma Suites offers free WiFi and elegantly furnished suites with a private hot tub, all in Fira on the Island of Santorini. This property is 1.9 mi from the Exo Gialos beach.

The suites are air conditioned and each has a seating area, a flat-screen satellite and cable TV and a balcony with views of Santorini caldera.

Cosmopolitan Suites - Small Luxury Hotels of the World

This elegant hotel is majestically situated on a cliff, providing magnificent sea views in Fira, the capital of Santorini.

The Cosmopolitan Suites features an infinity pool that hangs from the cliff and a sunbathing terrace with one of the most impressive views of the caldera and the volcano.


Santo Maris  Oia

Perched on the Northwest edge of the idyllic Santorini Island, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spaoffers exquisite comfort, a unique design, romantic ambiance and cutting-edge services in one of the world’s best-loved destinations.

Canvas Suites

Featuring a panoramic sea-view location in Oia on the island of Santorini, Canvas Suites offers spacious traditionally furnished suites. Free WiFi is available in the entire building.

White Pearl Villas

Carved into the volcanic rocks of Oia, White Pearl Villas offer individual accommodations with breathtaking views over the Caldera, the Aegean Sea and the Volcano. Featuring modern-Cycladic décor, each villa features a private pool or a private indoor/outdoor hot tub.

Filotera Suites

Offering an outdoor pool and a hot tub, the traditionally built Filotera Suites are in Oia Village. They feature elegantly decorated accommodations with views of the Aegean Sea and the caldera. Facilities include a restaurant.

Amaya Selection of Villas

Amaya Selection of Villas features a privileged location in the village of Oia. It offers Cycladic-style villas with private, all-year-round hot tubs offering views over the Caldera and the Aegean Sea. Free WiFi is provided.


Ira Hotel & Spa  Firostefani

Set on the slopes of Santorini’s caldera, Ira Hotel is located in the village of Firostefani, within walking distance of Fira, the island’s capital. It features a spa center, a restaurant and a swimming pool with pool bar boasting magnificent sea views.

Ira offers caldera-view rooms, suites and traditional dwellings built across a courtyard with private terraces. Facilities include a satellite, flat-screen TV, DVD player, a mini-bar, and air conditioning. In the bathrooms you will find free toiletries, slippers and a hairdryer.

Enjoy spectacular views and sunsets from this ideally-located hotel. The small and peaceful Sunset Hotel is right on the coast, overlooking the blue sea.

Guests can enjoy their breakfast on the large terrace looking out to the sea, and later have a drink while watching the sun set. It is also possible to book a massage, or relax in the hot tub.

Remvi Suites  Firostefani

Located in Firostefani, one of the most beautiful spots of the famous Santorini cliffs, Remvi Suites offers panoramic views to the volcano, the caldera and the Aegean Sea.

Opening to private verandas, all spacious and tastefully decorated guestrooms offer air conditioning, and are equipped with satellite TV and balcony with a view to the volcano.

Alta Vista Suites  Firostefani

Featuring a pool and a sun terrace with panoramic views over the Caldera and the Aegean Sea, the Cycladic-style Alta Vista Suites is centrally located in Imerovigli Village of Santorini. It offers elegantly decorated suites with free Wi-Fi and a sea-view balcony or terrace.

Chic Hotel Santorini  Firostefani

With a magnificent view over the sea and the volcano, within a 10 minutes' walk from the center of Fira, Chic Hotel Santorini offers charming accommodations with kitchenette, fridge, air condition, and TV.

The studios and apartments have private verandas or balconies, built and furnished in a traditional style.


Adore Santorini  Imerovigli

Offering a hot tub and sun terrace with Caldera views, Adore Santorini is located in Imerovigli in the Santoríni Region. Free WiFi is available throughout.

Opening to a terrace with sea views, all air-conditioned units feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. A mini bar and a coffee machine are also included. Private bathrooms come with a bathrobe, free toiletries and slippers.

Amber Light Villas  Imerovigli

Offering a pool and a restaurant, Amber Light Villas is located on the Eastern part of island, 0.9 mi from the village of Imerovigli. They feature tastefully decorated accommodations with outdoor hot tub or private pool. Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

Sophia Luxury Suites  Imerovigli

At a distance of 350 m above the caldera, Sophia Suites is located in Imerovigli and built with respect to the local architecture. It features tastefully decorated accommodations with hot tub and free WiFi access, while traditional Greek breakfast a la carte is prepared daily.

Langas Villas  Imerovigli

Featuring a rooftop terrace with a pool and lounge chairs, the Langas Villasoffers far-reaching views of the caldera, neighboring islands and sunset. The property is in picturesque Imerovigli, known as the Balcony of Santorini.

With a private balcony, the spacious, Cycladic-style apartments and suites have a kitchen, lounge and dining room, and private bathroom. Each is air-conditioned and the suites include a spa tub.

Nefeli Homes  Imerovigli

Offering stunning views of the sea from its rooftop terrace and apartments, Nefeli Homes Complex provides traditional self-catering apartments in picturesque Imerovigli, along with a pool and hot tub.

Enjoy a home-from-home in one of Nefeli's traditional apartments. Each one is well-appointed with comfortable furnishings, while most units come with a toaster, electric kettle and coffee maker. Free wireless internet is also available so you can surf the net at your leisure.