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A destination wedding requires much more additional research, coordination, back and forth communication and overall significantly more time consuming than a local wedding.

Not to mention language barrier and the lack of experience regarding areas, venues, suppliers and regulations that might occur. It can be overwhelming and a lot of pressure to plan and oversee the process from another country.

We work closely together with you and our suppliers to create your Special Day exactly as you envisioned by implementing your style, your uniqueness and original elements that are important to you or attached to, that only your personality can bring to life.

Our commitment goes far beyond our contract, we will always stand by your dreams and not rest until it is delivered to perfection.


It all starts with a complimentary consultation (20-30 minutes), so we can understand Your vision & ideas, also you can ask questions and concerns you might have. You can see how we work while getting to know each other over a coffee or a call / video chat. We will take your estimate budget, number of guests and your vision into consideration, services you require and we will provide you a full cost estimate of our services after our consultation, so there is no hidden costs or unwanted surprises. However, we can always tailor make it, take or add to our services to make it the best fit for you. When it all suits you, our exciting journey together begins and we can start to create your lifetime fairytale.

This Isn't Just A Job, It's Who We Are.

The key element for us is working closely with our couples to get to know them, listen to them and understand their needs & vision and create an extraordinary experience together in the spirit of love, to celebrate their unique love.

What Makes Bliss Island Different, Why Should YOU Choose US?

We are your luxury wedding planners in Mallorca, we guarantee to handle every aspects of your wedding planning with the highest standards, genuine care and efficiency based on all our expertise and extensive local knowledge, so as with our broad range of contacts and relationships with the finest and most talented vendors on the Island. You can be assured that we provide a stress free and elevated experience along the whole process.

However, this is not what makes us different, as at this premium level of the industry, these are all must have requirements.

It's Not Just What We Do, But Who We Are And What We Represent.

Our uniqueness lies in our over 30 years of friendship, our individual professional backgrounds and values.

As we have  known each other almost our whole lives, we have built an exceptional trust that allows us to have a very special understanding of how we can work together effortlessly and effectively by complementing each other’s skills. Trust is one of our core value, is what we build with our clients and vendors in a way we’ve been nurturing our own friendship and partnership for decades: with reliability, respect, effort and abundance of fun. We care.

Let’s make it a bit more personal.

We are very excited to meet you, let us introduce ourselves:

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