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Malaga Tapas Crawl Tour

The Malaga Tapas Crawl Tour

Tapas is a format, Tapas is a tradition but above all Tapas is a way of life. Discover this fantastic experience of eating, sharing and connecting with other people around a nice table. Come with us and discover some of these very special tapas places that local people go crazy for. Where the locals go, we go!

Enjoy Malaga’s fantastic weather and atmosphere in a delicious food tour of three hours. More than visiting, we are going to make you feel the city just the way local people do it. From the very authentic and aged bodega with the old wood barrels to the modern venues with a much more contemporary style, discover a great variety of places, food and drinks that make this city one of the best places to eat in Spain.

Our tapas crawl is an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle adventure, a delightful five-stop gastronomic experience. On this tour, you are guided by a food expert who gives you tips only local people know and shares with you his passion for the city of Malaga, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean.

Get on board for the best foodie adventure in town. Enjoy some quality time with a small group of adventurous foodies and discover places you wouldn’t have found by yourself.

    • A good amount of food: 10 – 12 tapas servings.
    • Loads of information about Spanish food, history, local culture and lifestyle, and the best food in Malaga.
    • You may join a small group of travelers. Please feel free to request a 100% private tour for you or for a larger group.
    • Tour guide gratuities always graciously accepted.
    • Tour runs rain or shine.
    • Price includes all food + drinks and restaurant taxes. Additional orders should be paid separately.
    • A three-hour walking tour with less than 5 minutes between each stop to ensure a thoroughly laid-back walking experience.
    • Minimum of 4 persons per tour.
    • Private tour available for this experience, see option in the booking process.
    • Food Lover Tour® requires a full online payment in order to complete the booking.

Fresh Start / Local support and green commitment

“Cooking what we produce and producing what we cook.” Chef Diego Gallegos

More and more people are putting quality before quantity and looking for local products produced by passionate people, committed both to the environment and to their local history. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see today most respectable institutions, such as the Michelin Guide, creating a new label for sustainable gastronomy, “Gastronomie Durable.”

As an example, Azumendi, a 3-Michelin star restaurant in the Basque country (Spain), was named the world’s most sustainable restaurant in 2018. The green revolution is a necessity that is becoming a reality.

When was the last time that you tasted the real flavor of a juicy tomato? It is time to get back to the basics; our bodies and souls need it. For the last decade, Spain has been at the forefront of this movement, through its wines, first, and then progressively through the kitchens of many restaurants.

We believe at Food Lover Tour that the food ecosystem is ready to embrace this mindset. Our intention is to adjust our tours so we can offer more sustainable meals and locally grown products, in collaboration with our suppliers.

Therefore, we have carefully designed sustainable food-based menus with our dear partners. Along with our long-time commitment of taking our guests where the locals go, we want to commit to offering authentic and local flavors in 2020.

Time to enjoy!

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