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Milan is much more that the capital of fashion, design, and business. For travellers from all over the world, cosmopolitan Milan has become the best possible gateway to Italy: an unrivalled blend of inspiring art and architecture, both ancient and contemporary, of cool hangouts and bella vita, invigorated by some of the best cuisine in the world.

Bikethecity® Milan is the first and original bike tour of Milan, a multi-year winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, born in 2011 to unveil by bike the lesser-known architectural beauties, artistic richness and cultural charm of the city of Milan, as well as its greenest facade.

We are proud and happy to offer an authentic experience of Milan to thousands of people from all over the world every year and to continue to contribute to making Milan known for much more than the clichés.

In the bustling streets, full of shops and activities, you will also feel the pragmatic and business-oriented mentality of the ‘Milanesi‘ and at the same time, peeking into hidden courtyards and cozy little restaurants, you will see evidence of their attention to craftsmanship, design, art, food, beauty, and joie de vivre.

  • City overview
  • Small group
  • Special price (under 18 yrs old)
  • Expert guide
  • Leisurely pace
  • Comfy bicycle
  • Online booking
  • 24hrs cancellation policy
  • Third party liability insurance



Bike The City® is an Italian Bike Tour Company, born in 2011 in Milan, as the first and authentic bike tour of Milan, and now present in Turin, Verona and Rome.

Bike The City® main purpose is to offer an active, lighthearted, informative and amusing overview of the city by bike and a real opportunity to take in its authentic atmosphere.

Bike The City® inspiring idea is that people don’t want to just visit a city but also want the opportunity to blend in.

That’s why we at Bike The City® do our best to be, for every guest, a local friend in town. A friend eager to show the best places, the top attractions, as well as the hidden corners, and share the most enticing stories about the city.

In a nutshell we strive to make our new found friends live the best time ever.   


+39 333 6315730

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