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young and penniless university student was shooting daggers at her scooter, a charming yet flaky red Honda Vision that had broken down once again.

The little money she had earned with her babysitting and private lessons had already been set aside for a trip to London, where she planned to go and stay for the summer, working and learning English; There was no way she could repair her old beloved steed, an essential in the urban survival kit of many Romans and companion of thousands of teenage adventures.

Setting aside the public transport option, that, by the way, is still not an option for some residents, she suddenly had her epiphany: why don’t I simply buy a bike?

The elegant, minimal style, cool blue city bike she ended up buying didn’t just solve her problems but also became an unexpected opportunity.

She didn’t only buy a new, cheap and efficient way to reach her University, she also got new glasses that gave her a more vivid and colourful view of the chaotic Rome she had passed by every day.

Consider that 20 odd years ago, Rome didn’t have a cycling culture at all. It was pretty hard to go around by bike (a very tough combination of traffic and hills) but, with music in her ears, wind in her hair, happiness in her legs, it was actually fun and gave her a new view of the City, that went above and beyond her imagination.

24 years later that same girl, Francesca, after having set up with her partner many a bike tour in TurinMilan and Verona, is now back in her City, this time on a comfortable e-bike ;), to design a new Rome e-bike Tour.

In her plans, you will start your tour cycling along the Tiber River that flows through the eternal and immense Rome, with the same irregular flow of the destiny of the “The Great Beauty”.

  • City overview
  • Small group
  • Expert guide
  • Leisurely pace
  • Comfy bicycle
  • Special price if under 16 yrs old
  • Helmet and raincoat
  • Walking tour in case of heavy rains
  • Online booking
  • Immediate confirmation
  • 24hrs cancellation policy
  • Third party liability insurance


Bike The City® is an Italian Bike Tour Company, born in 2011 in Milan, as the first and authentic bike tour of Milan, and now present in Turin, Verona and Rome.

Bike The City® main purpose is to offer an active, lighthearted, informative and amusing overview of the city by bike and a real opportunity to take in its authentic atmosphere.

Bike The City® inspiring idea is that people don’t want to just visit a city but also want the opportunity to blend in.

That’s why we at Bike The City® do our best to be, for every guest, a local friend in town. A friend eager to show the best places, the top attractions, as well as the hidden corners, and share the most enticing stories about the city.

In a nutshell we strive to make our new found friends live the best time ever.   


+39 333 6315730

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