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Santorini Spirit Tour

Duration:4 hours
Group, Private:Private
Transportation:A/C Mercedes Tourer minivan

Embark on a journey through the flavors and traditions of Santorini's best beverages on our exclusive tour. You'll get to explore three distinct locations on the island that produce some of the most famous local drinks, including beer, wine, and the world-renowned Greek ouzo and tsikoudia.

Our unique 18+ Spirit Tasting Tour takes you on a journey through time, from modern-day production methods to the rich history of wine-making that dates back to ancient times. You'll have the chance to see the modern art of beer-making in action and dive deeper into the traditional production techniques of ouzo and tsikoudia, both made from the skin of unique local grapes.

As part of our Spirit Tasting Tour, we'll take you on a guided tour of the Ftelos brewery and their machinery. Taste 6 craft beers accompanied by selected bites. Our expert guides offer insightful commentary and answer all your questions. Take photos of the production area from the taproom, and savor each brew in a 200ml glass.

The tour includes a visit to the Canava Santorini Museum & Distillery, where guests can learn all about the traditional process of making ouzo and tsikoudia, while enjoying a walk through the museum, which has recreated the workplaces and home rooms of the people of Santorini in the recent past. The museum tour is accompanied by an in-depth explanation of the daily lives of the people of Santorini.

Guests will also enjoy a wine tasting session, with the chance to sample some of the finest wines produced on the island. The Santorini Spirit Tour offers a unique opportunity to taste the best of these local beverages, learn about their production, and enjoy an aspect of Santorini not many get to experience.


  • Visit a brand-new local Santorini brewery and learn about the beer-making process
  • Enjoy a semi-private guided tour of the brewery with expert guide
  • Taste 6 different Santorini craft beers paired with a platter of delicious bites
  • Continue the tour with a wine tasting at a local winery and learn about the unique qualities of Santorini wines
  • Take a guided tour of the Canava Santorini Museum & Distillery and learn about the production of ouzo and tsipouro
  • Taste local ouzo and liquors after the Museum & Distillery tour

Visit a brand-new local Santorini brewery where you'll learn about the beer-making process and the unique artisanal brews of Santorini. Our expert guides will take you on a semi-private guided tour of the brewery, showing you the different facilities and machinery while explaining the beer production process.

Taste 6 different craft beers, each paired with a delicious bite of a luxurious snack that includes mouth-watering bites of: potato salad with fresh herbs, braised veal with apricot/truffle jam, aromatic tuile scented with spearmint and caper pesto, bruschetta with tsalafouti cheese and herb pesto, deconstructed spinach /cheese pie and brownies.

Wine tasting at a local Santorini winery, where you'll learn about the unique qualities of Santorini wines and why they taste so good. Santorini is famous for its exceptional quality wines with unique character. The island’s vineyards are the oldest in Greece, some with trees planted over 300 years ago.

Learn about Santorini wines and how they owe their quality to the volcanic soil of the island and its microclimate. This includes severe droughts, strong winds, and dense night mists from the volcanic caldera, providing just enough moisture for the grape crop.

Sample some of the finest Santorini wines and learn about the unique conditions that make the island’s wines so special. Did you know that the roots of the grapevines receive all their necessary moisture from the atmosphere and are truly epiphytic, harvesting everything they need from the air without ever being watered?

Visit a great traditional place - the Canava Santorini Museum & Distillery, where you'll learn about the production of ouzo and tsipouro in Santorini. You'll walk through the labyrinths of the multiple premises and get a glimpse into the real way of life on the island several decades ago. And if history isn’t your flavor of fun, the visit includes a local ouzo and liquor tasting!

Learn how ouzo and tsipouro used to be produced in Santorini and how it has evolved. You’ll be able to sample their Ouzo and experience its unique aroma and taste derived from the currants of Santorini’s Asyrtiko, saffron, and anise.

Take a guided tour of the Canava Santorini Museum & Distillery, where you’ll be taken through recreated workplaces and home rooms of the people of Santorini from the recent past. The rooms are replicated using original items collected over the years, and you’ll experience the distillation of a bygone era while learning about the daily lives of Santorini’s locals through a guided tour.


  • Alcohol consumption is only permitted for adults over 18 years of age.
  • Visitors under 18 get juice or a soft drink of their choice.

Book your Santorini Spirit Tour today and experience the best of Santorini's beverages!
From beer to wine, ouzo, and spirits – or all of the above – this tour is the perfect way to spend a day on the island and discover a side of Santorini many visitors never get to see. 

Gia mas! (Cheers)

  • Local knowledgeable guide/driver
  • Comfortable, Mercedes A/C minivan
  • Pick-up and drop-off to your hotel
  • Bottle of water per person
  • Refreshing tissue
  • Craft beer tasting paired with a snack platter
  • Wine tasting
  • Ouzo and tsipouro tasting
  • Entrance fees to the winery, brewery and distillery
  • Snacks, drinks or meals (if not mentioned)
  • Athinios port, airport, exit from the cable car in Fira, Fira center, marina, your hotel

You’ll want to cool off with a refreshing swim on your summer private tour of Santorini so bring a swimming suit and a beach towel with you!

If you're a cruise-ship passenger:

You will disembark in Santorini by tender boats arriving only at the old port of Fira.

To find the exit of the cable car in Fira follow these steps:

  • Take a tender boat from your cruise ship
  • Once ashore, go to the cable car
  • Pay a ticket of 6 Euros per person (one way), take a cable car ride up to Fira town (3 min.)
  • Exit the cable car building.
  • Behind the gate, our guide or driver will be holding an Omega Travel sign with your name on it.

Only passengers arriving to Santorini in organized groups or those purchasing shore excursions on board disembark at Athinios port. These travelers get off the ship first. Everyone else is considered to be an  individual traveler and disembarks only at the old port of Fira.

The donkeys arrive at a different place in Fira, not to the cable car exit.

The stairs bring you next to the cable car exit but we strongly recommend using the cable car for your convenience.


Free Cancellation. You'll receive a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

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