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Santorini Photo Tour

What to expect

First of all, Santorini photography tours are private, so everybody know it’s other and because of that, the photo tour and the places we will visit depends on your needs and interests We will show you the best and the most interesting places of this wonderful island in a unic Santorini photo tour.

We are photographers and not tour guides or historians, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t provide you with information for every place you will see.

However, the main thing is that you will have the opportunity to see places that is impossible to know and see alone, learn how and which techniques are needed in order to be able to take pictures under any conditions, that will remain forever.

We will go to several beautiful places in Santorini for the photo tour, we will walk through traditional local villages like Pyrgos and Emporio, the most famous regions like Fira or Oia, Black or Red beach and some hidden spots with amazing view, so take the chance and try a Santorini photo tour with us! Just to Know that more the hours, more the places we can go.

3 hours Santorini Photo Tour

5 hours Santorini Photo Tour

8 hours Santorini Photo Tour

Who we are?

We are a team of professional advertising and commercial photographers, with extensive background in the industry of architecture and hotel photography.

What we do?

Capture your business with professional photographic equipment, cameras, lenses and lighting, so you can promote it to future customers in the best way possible.

Where we do it?

Anywhere, our base is Santorini but we can undertake projects all around Greece.

Why we do it?

Because we like it. Ok, we don’t do it for free, we have to live in a way, but it’s important that we do what we love most!


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